LifeLinks is our small group ministry here at Kingwood


FALL 2023

   We want to encourage each of you to participate in our small group ministry. The purpose of LifeLinks is to have a time to study, fellowship, serve, and connect with others at Kingwood. It is a chance to build some lasting relationships as we “do life” with each other. If you are not in a group and would like to be, please be sure to see Jeff, or see one of the leaders of a group. We are always looking to begin new groups. If you have an interest in starting a new group, please see Jeff Brown. Listed below are our current groups and the demographic they serve, although you do not have to be an exact fit for that demographic to be in the group.

  • BEARD/SCHAFFER - Mostly retired or close to retirement empty nesters. 
  • GARNER/TILLER - Families with teens or college age students. Meets in homes.
  • HARVEY/WALDRON/LAMB - Families with younger children. Some singles. Meets in various places.
  • LADIES - Any lady is eligible to join this group. Meets mostly at the building.
  • LEE/WALDRON - Empty Nesters. Meets in various homes.
  • LYLES/ZIMMERMANN - Empty Nesters including some retired members. Meets in various homes.
  • MALONE/LOWERY - Empty Nesters meeting in homes.
  • PECK/LANE - Families with teens. Meets in various locations.
  • PENDEGRAFT/PRATER - Younger Families. Meets in homes.
  • PUTNAL/STOKES - Empty nesters. Meets in homes.
  • REYNOLDS - A mixture of empty nesters and families with children. Meets in homes.
  • SEIGENTHALER/WRYE - Empty Nesters including some retired members. Meets in homes.
  • HUTCHINS - Mostly retired or close to retirement and empty nesters. 
  • TEENS - See the Student Ministry Calendar for meeting times and locations.

The LifeLinks Committee consists of Josh Harvey, John Zimmermann, Jason Putnal, Andy Stover, Caleb Waldron, and Jeff Brown.